ArgiMent Dietary Supplement

ArgiMentA unique combination of Glutamine & Argiment in an orange flavored instant drink mix which delivers 10 grams of glutamine and 7.5 grams of arginine when mixed with 8 oz. of water.

ArgiMent added to a patient’s oral intake or standard tube feeding provides additional nitrogen to promote nitrogen balance during metabolic stress plus specific amino acids to maintain gut integrity, restore lean body mass and enhance immunity. Glutamine and Arginine have long been classified as “conditionally essential amino acids”. Under certain condition such as metabolic stress caused by pressure ulcers or illness, dietary supplementation is required to meet the body’s increased demands.

Nutritionals-ArgiMentWound Healing is a complex and difficult problem, in part because there is no single cause and no single solution to heal a wound; it is a multi-faceted problem that requires participation and collaboration from all members of the healthcare team.

Some factors contributing to wound care are not controllable such as advancing age, illness, dementia and paralysis. Other factors are controllable such as appropriate pressure relief and wound care techniques, management of incontinence and malnutrition. However, their resolution can also be difficult to achieve. Obtaining perfect nutritional status may not always be achievable but we can provide that which science has demonstrated as being effective; such as adequate protein, calories and additional specific nutrients which are required under metabolic stress to promote healing. Arginine and Glutamine supplementation may not be recommended for the following conditions : Severe liver or Renal Dysfunction, Hypo tension, Septic Shock, Interleukin-2(IL-2) therapy, Cirrhosis, Hepatorenal syndrome, or other conditions associated with ammonia retention. For patients with renal insufficiency and who are not yet receiving dialysis, renal functions should be monitored appropriately during supplementation.

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